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This assessment has 9 questions and will take about 5 minutes for you to complete. In each question you would be presented with a hypothetical scenario to which you will have the option to either choose from a given set of responses or enter a subjective response as a listener. Please note that only one response would be the most suitable answer for each multiple choice question. 

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Marking scheme: (1) mark for each correct Objective question; (1.5) marks for subjective questions. 
You must score at least 7/10 to qualify as a listener.

Q1. I have a test coming up and my sibling keeps distracting me from studying, I think I’m going to fail!
Q2. I cannot believe I cheated on my diet again. These past few months have been a complete failure, I have no will power and will never get to my target weight. How will I ever succeed at anything like this?
Q3. I was so angry at my friend for talking about my sister like that. How can she act like that?
Q4. I’ve been feeling so lonely lately, I have tried everything to remain busy but not without a shallow feeling inside of me. I wish it would get better soon, I don’t know how to handle it anymore!
Q5. I was so scared to break up with my partner, my voice was shaking and my hands were trembling. I feel so confused and anxious about what’s going to come!
Q6. When should you give advice?
Q9. Someone chats with you about an experience very similar to something you’ve been through personally. You feel anxious and tensed, what should you do?