The Relation between Stress and Cold Can you catch a cold when you are stressed?

Can you catch a cold when you are stressed?

Stress is one of the major issues in 2020. In these challenging times where we are struggling to keep ourselves safe at home, with strict obligations imposed, a storm of anxiety, fear, and intense emotion is unexceptional. The news alerts with rising death tolls and social media pressure can be overwhelming for most of us.

It is basically a feeling of tension that our body feels in response to a stimulus. Such stimuli are called stressors which are generally challenges, the danger that our body senses. In this pandemic, your stressors can be the new normal, coronavirus, work, future worries, or anything that creates a sense of threat for your body. Stress is not always bad when you have stressed it motivates you to get things done. But stress for prolonged phase can be harmful to our physical, mental, and emotional health. Stressing often makes our bodies vulnerable to illness.

When you are stressed your body releases several hormones like histamine and cortisol. When we are stressed for a long period, cortisol released start suppressing our immune system and prevent our body from regulating the inflammatory response. Our immune system as we know must be strong and well functioning to keep our body healthy are protected from any foreign threats like viruses, parasites, and bacteria. Inflammatory response helps our body fight any disease.

The common cold is one of the most contagious diseases that affect the respiratory system of our body. There are approx. 200 viruses in existence that can cause the common cold hence there is a high chance of it being infectious. The common cold can be spread through the droplets of sneezes and coughing by an infected person or by touching surfaces. It is common when mild but it can cause major problems to the human body when the viruses of the cold are dangerous just like coronavirus.

Elevated stress reduces the human body’s response to fight any illness-causing elements and this makes the body vulnerable. Stress can cause many physical issues like headache, muscle tension, obesity, respiratory issues, heart diseases, and may also trigger asthma. Mentally one may feel anxious, depressed, frustrated, and angry when stressed.

How to manage stress and Cold?

For Stress :

•Practice mindfulness

•Regular exercise

•Build a support network

•Take enough sleep and Relax

•Eat a healthy diet

•Learn how to stop overthinking and worries

•Take professional help is necessary

For Cold :

•Keep washing your hands and carry sanitizer

•Wear masks in crowded areas

•Maintain hygiene and disinfect when necessary

•Avoid touching your face especially eyes, nose, and mouth

Maintain a healthy diet and be physically active

In these turbulent times, your priority is your body. Take ample care of your Physical, Mental, and emotional health. Stay Healthy, Stay Happy.

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