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Self-care: Just a trend or something more?

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

In this fast-paced environment, the least you can do for yourself is taking care of yourself. Words like self-love, self-care are so much in trends these days. Every other person talks about these things on social media, but it is quite saddening that very few of them know how to take care of themselves. If you think that putting cucumber on your eyes or getting a haircut is self-care, then you are highly mistaken. I agree that these things do make you feel good and pampered, but that feeling is momentary.

What is Self-care?

Self-care is an activity to take care of our mental, emotional, and physical well-being. In easy words, Self-care means doing things that make you feel great and is truly beneficial for you in the long term. Meditation, exercising daily, eating healthy food are some of the self-care practices that can benefit you in all aspects.

But, you should know that everything that feels good is not self-care. For example, eating junk, binging on web-series also makes you feel happy, but these things do nothing good for you and, hence these things do not come under the category of self-care practices.


Benefits of Self-care.

Now, you know what self-care is. So, you must be wondering why you should practice self-care? How is it beneficial for you?

Some of the benefits of self-care are:

1.) Improved mental health: If you start doing things that make you cheerful, then it will surely help to improve your mental health and will make you calmer and happier.

2.) Improved physical health: When you exercise daily, eat healthily, then your body goes under rejuvenating mode and helps it to improve your immune system.

3.) Increased Self-esteem: When you try to carve out time for yourself and do things that give you joy and peace, then you start to feel that you are worthy and you deserve to feel good.

4.) Improved behavior: When you feel good from inside, then you will always treat others with love.


How to practice Self-care?

Now, you know the meaning of self-care and its benefits. Let me tell you some of the ways by which you can genuinely take care of yourself.

1.) Express your feelings without hesitating: Do you remember the last time when you were sad, but when somebody asked you about your mood, then you wore a smile and said that you are fine. When you do this, it gives a message to your brain that your feelings are not worthy enough to be shared with others. So, you should change this habit and express your feelings authentically.

2.) Make a list of things that makes you happy and do those things more often.

3.) Meditate, exercise, and eat healthily.

4.) Laugh as much as you can.


Self-care is a necessity in this fast-moving time where nobody has the time to take care of you, and so you have to do this for yourself. Identify small things you can do to begin caring for yourself better and see how your life becomes more beautiful.

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