How to make Work from Home a success

Current pandemic Covid 19 has created a dreadful and an unprecedented health crisis, something which people never imagined would happen. Lockdown and containment measures (home isolation, social distancing) have led to people working from home.

Covid-19 health crisis has forced all firms, big and small, to work from home. As we continue the work from home with no foreseeable end in sight, more and more people are reporting feeling of stretched and stressed.

Interruptions from family, patchy network connectivity, shortage of space and an assumption of colleagues that you are on call 24*7 are among the most common problem points. If you want successful transition of your corporate setting in to your home, there are so many ways to find the ease in doing so:

Take your time-

Settle yourself in your work zone as early as possible. Expression of complaining, getting distracted or frustrated, losing interest and wasting time in altered circumstances is human nature.

Get into the zone-

It is the first step to acknowledge the reality and work around the zone. You should follow all the routine of the working process to get maximum productivity of the work.

Peaceful morning

Don’t look at the email and social media for about 2 hours after waking up. First, warm up your body and do cardiovascular exercises followed by pranayam like anulom vilom. This helps deliver oxygen through the body faster and also trains lungs to breathe deeper and slower. It will keep you calmer and give more energy in long run.

Office gesture

Take a shower after exercise every day. Be ready formally with pants and clean shaved; in the end, comb your hair also. Follow up with your favourite beverage like masala chai and fresh breakfast.

Negotiate your time Give some rounds to every family member for a conversation with you and ensure with them that you are left alone during office hours. Of course, this is not a foolproof system.

Be true to your words Keep a good synchronization with your co-workers, so that they trust you and you trust them. They should know about your certain hours and weekends when you are unavailable. So this coordination enhances you to be more productive in your work.

Smart work with tech -Once at work, turn off notifications on all social media apps. Set the colour on your phone to gray scale during work hours. Take advantage of technologies to manage the back-end while you work. -Use any Calendar on your mobile, it may be of Google Apple and Outlook. Connect your calendar to IFTTT (if which stands for ‘ if this then that’. When you set all events in the calendar such as accepting or receiving, then you get a reminder at a certain hour, for example, your meeting is coming up. Much else is possible. It works well for most tasks. -

Become a power user of apps like Evernote and Notion. This feature may work best for you and try the free version of all as a beginner. Choose your preferred app after thorough usage of both or more -

While at work, if distracting thoughts, tasks and hyperlinks encroach your mind, then use tools which can be embedded directly in your browser and they remind you later. The mind likes to play tricks. It is up to us to keep up.

Thank you

Kajal Jain ……………………

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