This new normal can be really rough for most of us. We needed to reschedule our lives to fit in and keep ourselves safe and healthy. In these troublesome periods, it can be comforting to adopt bad habits and toss our health out. Today we will discuss how you can include and maintain good habits and kick out bad ones

Habits are nothing but automated behavior of our bodies. Good habits are ones that keep us healthy, happy, and motivated whereas bad habits are ones that do exactly the opposite.

Here is an interesting thing about habit. The habit starts with Cues (Triggers) like alcohol shop, next comes behavior which can be drinking alcohol, and then comes reward which can be the feeling of being free of all your worries. Once we are rewarded we are more likely to perform a task again and that forms a habit. Working and manipulating our minds can help us make and break habits.

You can include good habits to your schedule by just having strong will power and following the few simple steps mentioned below;

•Start from small, include simple things like 15 minutes reading, or one bowl of salad each day. Small tasks are easy to achieve and will motivate you to increase intensity later.

•Reduce Friction, which means molding your surrounding in a way that they motivate you and support you to achieve your goal. Like keep your gym bag ready the night before or keep meal preps in the fridge.

•Temptation Bundling: This means tie two things that have opposite impacts on you. One should be something that you love to do and the others must be something related to your goal. Like you love music so tie it with a workout, you can enjoy your workout with the music of your choice which makes it easy and effortless for you to be regular.

•2 minutes rule: Here you can try performing a task that you have been procrastinating for just two minutes and if you want to quit later you can. You will be shocked once you try this.

•Attach a reward to your activity, say if you complete your two hours study you can watch shows and hence just so you can watch your favorite shows you will study daily.

Now let's talk about how can we break bad habits.

“What lies in your power to do, It lies in your power not to do” -Aristotle

You can break bad habits just by showing the will to do so. Just have a clear well-defined reasons to do so and build a clear frame of what you want to achieve by breaking a certain habit.

Here are some tricks that go along with your goal of breaking bad habits.

•Think about the reasons and root cause of such habits and the rewards attached to them.

•Find healthier alternatives,

• Increase friction and make it difficult for you to reach anything associated with that habit.

•Take medical or technical help that can help you break that bad habit, it can be medicines or apps in your device.


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