What is NEER by Nirvega?
NEER is an online emotional support. Through our secure and anonymous chat platform we connect those seeking emotional support with our network of volunteer listeners, trained in active listening. Individuals from diverse backgrounds compassionately volunteer their time to provide care to those in need, and in doing so experience fulfillment and gain critical interpersonal skills.

What is Active Listening?
Active Listening is a set of communication skills that demonstrates empathy, understanding and respect. Different from normal listening, active listening requires the listener to completely absorb, understand and empathetically reflect on the speaker/narrator's words. In doing so, the goal is not to give advice but to get the narrator to understand and solve their own issues by reflecting on their words or asking pertinent questions. Learning the art of reflecting accurately or asking the right questions to get someone to feel better and heard, without any advice is an art which requires some time and effort.

Active Listening is a great technique, utilized commonly in counseling sessions to provide emotional support to people in distress, whatever the reasons may be. Since the focus is on the narrator, potential sources of judgement, conflict or stress are completely removed helping the narrator feel calm and empowered. 

Can I become a Listener?
Yes! Anyone can sign up, we welcome individuals from all walks of life.  All listeners must complete and qualify our short online course to be accepted as a Listener-member. In the following two simple steps you can join us as a listener!~
(1) Sign-up here
(2) Follow the link in our follow-up mail to qualify the Active Listening Assessment with the same registered email-ID
That's it! If you qualify our criteria, you shall receive a confirmation mail after which you can log-in to your account and build your profile!

How does NEER connect Active Listeners with Narrators?
Our goal is to connect each narrator with the best possible listener suited for their needs. For this we ask some details from you and accordingly match a listener to a narrator. Based on the initial details given, we assign narrators with a matched listener after which either of them can make the connection via our chat platform, all of it anonymously.

Can I change my Listener/Narrator?
Yes of course! We value our members' choices and regularly take feedback to improve your experience. In addition, some conversations can be traumatic and triggering for you as a listener too. If you wish to change your partner, simply message us and we shall do so.

Is the chat platform anonymous?
Yes! Our chat platform is powered by Ascent and is completely secure and anonymous. No details are shared among the members, except your registered username and other details on your profile which you choose to make visible.

Are the listeners trained to handle all forms of queries?
All listeners have to mandatorily complete our minimum qualification criteria which equips them with the skills needed for active listening. This also covers hypothetical scenarios in which they might have to refer someone to a therapist/counselor/emergency contact or respond to a suicidal visitor. Many of our listeners happen to be counselors or psychology majors however they do not give psychological or medical advice during a conversation.

How does NEER ensure that listeners are high quality?
The membership to become a listener involves several steps and qualification criterion which includes a minimum score on our Active Listener Assessment. Additionally, we seek feedback on every listener is reviewed and they may be subject to a background check to ensure they are friendly, considerate, and competent. Qualified listeners are assigned badges. In addition, a listener who completes 5 one-on-one chats with positive feedback receives the "Listening Maestro" badge, which is visible on listener's profiles.

What's the story behind NEER?
India's mental health crisis has only worsened with the onset of a pandemic, but with it has improved the awareness around mental health. The founders observed that people in general wanted to help those who were suffering but either were unaware of how precisely this could be done or the sufferers were afraid of being vulnerable to share their narratives. In their research, they came across a powerful and critical skill used by counselors in therapy, but one that could be practiced by individuals from all walks of life- Active Listening. Not everyone is comfortable being vulnerable or going to a therapist which can be expensive, but being heard alone can tremendously improve our mental health.

Motivated by experiencing the power of Active Listening, we envisioned a platform where individuals could anonymously connect and develop essential interpersonal skills while empowering themselves. We also realized that sometimes experiences can be triggering or a connection not as powerful, for which we personally match narrators with listeners, to lend an intimate yet anonymous touch.

What does the name NEER mean?
NEER is derived from the Sanskrit word "neera" representing large water bodies such as oceans and seas; for us it symbolizes a vast expanse which accepts everything and in return offers peace and calm. Anyone may visit this expanse, but what they’re returned with is a rejuvenated-soulful tranquility. Our goal with NEER is similar, to help YOU anonymously get the emotional support through active-caring-non-judgmental listening. Being heard can feel empowering, and so is the vision behind this initiative- to help YOU feel empowered in this difficult time.




How do I connect with a Listener?
Once part of our community, as a narrator you can message the Admin: @Nirvega through our chat platform whenever you wish to connect with someone. Based on the details given by you we shall match you with a listener to whom you can reach out by messaging them 1-to-1 through our chat platform. In any case, the listener shall also message you to establish contact. If you wish to make your connection more specific, you can let us know what you wish to talk about and we shall match you accordingly.

Can I change my Listener/Narrator?

Yes of course! We value our members' choices and regularly take feedback to improve your experience. In addition, some conversations can be traumatic and triggering for you as a listener too. If you wish to change your partner, simply message us and we shall do

How does the chat platform work?
As a member, you will have access to our chat platform where-in you can search for members or the Admin and message. The chats remain saved and can be viewed any time. In addition to this, if you send out a message when someone isn't available/online, they get a mail intimating them of the same on their registered email-ID. This ensures that you do not miss out staying connected while having the means to choose your availability.
In addition to this, you can reach out to your assigned listener any time based on their availability as well. After the conversation, you can give feedback on your narrator/listener to us @Nirvega (Admin).


Can members be blocked?
Yes, for inappropriate behavior and not adhering to our code of conduct, members can be blocked and disbarred from using our services. In addition to this, members who reach out to other members without our intervention shall be blocked. If someone reaches out to you without our intimation or indulges in inappropriate behavior, please let us know so we can ensure your safety.
However, reaching out to your previously-assigned listener at any time based on their availability is allowed.

Have other questions? Or suggestions for how we can make our service better?
We'd love to hear from you. Please contact us with your thoughts or message us directly as a member.