Nirvega conducted workshops for the children we serve and our volunteers, who were trained in psychological first-aid. The workshops were very insightful and practical for both the volunteers and the children.

These workshops gave our volunteers a profound and significant understanding of children's mental health and how they can help a child in such situation. Our children found Nirvega's art and play concept of learning about mental health very interesting.


Reviving a Hope Foundation is very glad and grateful to have this collaboration with you and aspires to have many more such workshops.


-- Reviving a Hope Foundation

I'm a passionate mental health professional who loves to explore different areas of Psychology. I believe in having an eclectic and interdisciplinary approach towards a person's problem. I am very keen on working for the betterment of community and that's one of things that attracted me towards the Nirvega. I had a wonderful experience working and also got to learn a lot.



-Chinmayee Aphale

I am a student of Masters in Counselling Psychology at St Xavier's College, Mumbai and aim to work as a psychotherapist in the future. I am passionate about advocating mental health in India and destigmatizing psychotherapy. My experience with the organization has been great as their goals are consistent with mine. They are doing great work which will help build a mentally stronger India. I worked as a Research Intern with them where we explored different areas which are likely to get affected due to emotional distress for the children in rural India. We built a survey based on our research, which will empirically measure the severity of symptoms across different developmental areas in children.

-Karishma Desai 

I am a psychologist by profession. Spreading mental health awareness is something I’m extremely passionate about which is what motivated me to work with Nirvega.




- Priyanka Jagasia