We are not trying to police your behavior. But we are trying to create a positive, supportive community experience for every single person who comes to Nirvega. Your peers will be responsible for letting us know when they feel a violation has occurred. Keep that in mind as you go about interacting in the community.

General Guidelines

When logged in as a Listener/Narrator, you are agreeing that you will:

  1. User Criteria
    By signing up you agree that you are 18 years of age or more

  2. Profile Picture Guidelines
    Please choose a head shot (picture of your face), nature scene, art/symbol/image (i.e, Hope), or animal. Please do not include pictures of famous people, sexually suggestive pics, or cartoon pics. You must be fully clothed in your picture. The goal of the picture is to express warmth, compassion, and kindness. Images must be in JPG or PNG format and less than 5MB. Thank you!

  3. Profile Username Guidelines
    Avoid using graphic or inappropriate language in your username. Any username that contains graphic or inappropriate language will be flagged.

  4. Remain professional, kind, and respectful towards one another.
    Even if you do not get along with an individual listener, it is up to you to act appropriately. If you must, step away and do not engage.

  5. Never give advice
    Even if the narrator asks for advice, refrain from giving any advice- medical or general. Our Active Listening Course will guide you on how to respond to narrators seeking advice.

  6. Prevent hurtful rumor/gossip spreading.
    Rumor: a currently circulating story or report of uncertain or doubtful truth.
    Gossip: idle talk especially about the personal or private affairs of others

  7. Aim to grow and learn as a Listener & person.
    In this light, learning to accept feedback thankfully.

  8. Refrain from sharing personal contact information
    including, but not limited to, social media accounts, home addresses, phone numbers, messaging apps/sites, or any other medium of contact off-site. 

  9. Maintain a confidential atmosphere.
    Between you and narrators/members and between you and other listeners. All conversations between you and members are confidential. Do not share any chat details with any other listeners or members. Additionally, do not write or blog about any issues you are supporting people on.

  10. Use proper conflict resolution skills with every person on the site
    Proper conflict resolution means dealing with conflict in a supportive manner that benefits both you and the other person involved. 

  11. Be completely sober.
    If you are suspected to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol to any degree we will suspend your account immediately for two weeks. In order to listen to another user, you must be sober.

  12. Respect boundaries of other community members.
    This includes a total ban on stalking and harassment of any kind.

  13. Choose not to engage in sexting or flirting.
    We have a zero tolerance policy for these behaviors. Even if it is consensual, it is not allowed on Nirvega. 

  14. Protect your log-in information to all accounts on Nirvega and not allow anyone else to use it besides the person whose name is in our system.
    We expect that you will be the sole user of your listener/member account. If it comes to our attention that another person has accessed your account, we will need to immediately close your account for security reasons. This includes log-in details for Nirvega Admin accounts.

  15. Do not engage in hateful behaviors of any kind.
    Showing hate towards any gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, religion, racial or cultural background or imposing your view point on any of these items on another user is forbidden.

  16. Be in a healthy state of mind.
    You must not be suicidal, homicidal, or abusing anyone.