Art therapy is a form of expressive therapy in which clients, facilitated by an art therapist, use the creative process of making art for self exploration. The resulting artwork helps clients understand their emotional conflicts, develop social skills, improve self-esteem, manage addictions, reduce anxiety, and restore normal function to their lives. The underlying goal is to engage the client in a creative process, to explore their feelings and coupled with psycho-therapeutic techniques promote well-being, coping skills and personal development.

Art therapy can be utilized by people of all ages and is mostly recommended for people with medical, educational, developmental, or psycho-social impairment. It is also an effective treatment for issues such as trauma, disabilities, medical health conditions (cancer, dementia, etc), stress, anxiety, or even for personal growth and increased self esteem. Anyone can utilize this therapeutic technique, however best results are achieved when it's guided and tailored to specific needs.